TOP 3 Red Lip Products to Wear at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you've probably either had your Christmas Day makeup planned since the beginning of December, or are just now deciding which products to use.

A red lip is a classic to wear on Christmas Day, so if you have yet to decide which one to go for, here are my Top 3 choices.

ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar Days 7-15

Time for another ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar post! If you want to see me open the calendar every day then make sure you're following me on Snapchat (anuadeliina).

I really liked most of the products I mentioned in the last post but what about the next 9? You'll just have to read to find out ;)

Beauty Gift Guide

Whether you're a bit late and buying presents only a week before Christmas this year, or have stumbled upon this post months later, all of the products the beauty lover in your life might want can be found here.

Including gifts from €150 to €5 you can find the perfect present(s) in your preferred price range. None of these are festive exclusives and can be bought throughout the year.

Jane Iredale Blogger Event

At the beginning of December, I had the chance to attend the Jane Iredale blogger event in Helsinki. I've only attended a handful of events before, but this one was definitely at the top of my favourites!

Lush Christmas Haul

If you follow me on Snapchat, you'd know that I went a bit crazy in Lush... Here's everything I got from their Christmas collection!

Healthier Hair with Aquis

I've had long and thick hair throughout my whole life (except for that one year after I got a bad haircut but that's a story for another time) and I love it! It's the one thing I really like about myself. I even remember one of my friends telling me how some people were referring to me as "the girl with the gorgeous hair". That - of course - made me extremely happy.

But then again, when you have long and thick hair, it can take hours to take care of it, style it and, well, dry it. That's the part when Aquis comes along.
You hair is never so vulnerable and damage prone as when it is wet.  -Aquis

ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar Days 1-6

One of my friends actually asked if I was going to do these posts again of my beauty advent calendar this year - like I did two years - and I was like "you know what, definitely!" I didn't plan on doing these at first, but once she reminded of me them I instantly started changing my publishing schedule for December so I could fit them in. So hopefully you're reading this ;)

If you'd like to see these products before anyone else I will be opening the calendar every day on my Snapchat (anuadeliina or use the snapcode on my sidebar) and showing you what I got! (I'm also doing Snapmas)

Now let's see what I got from the ASOS Beauty Advent calendar during the first 6 days!

November Favourites

November is over which means we're on the last month of the year. That feels so surreal. I know everyone says this but it feel like I just took down my Christmas tree and now it's time to put it up again.

Now let's talk about beauty. I didn't find any new amazing discoveries during the month of November but some products I used stood out to me quite a lot.

Christmas Wishlist 2016

I'm currently listening to my festive playlist on Spotify and it's making me so excited for Christmas! I can't wait to spend time with my family, eat lots of food, sing Christmas songs and share presents. To make it really easy for my family and friends this year, I thought I'd help them out and share my Christmas wishlist here in case they want to get me something ;)

Read my Christmas wishlist below and see what I hope to find under the tree this year!

I'm Doing Snapmas!

It's December!! Can you believe it?! I certainly can't!

It feels like yesterday when all I wanted to do was swim and escape the hotness of Summer sun. I mean, where did Autumn disappear? I don't understand how fast time seems to fly by at the moment.

Anyway, how's December treating you two days in? I've had so much to do this week and while I'm writing this, I'm actually on my way to a very exciting Jane Iredale blogger event!

Since I won't be doing Blogmas this year (you can read my last year's posts here though) I thought I would do Snapmas instead! Basically it's kind of like Vlogmas but on Snapchat ;).

So if you'd like to see what I get up to this December then add me by my username anuadeliina or scan my Snapcode below!