PHOTO DIARY: Fashion Show

Like I mentioned in my Beauty Event of the Year photo diary I had the chance to attend a fashion show and wanted to a separate post about it, so if you've been waiting for it, here it is! This was the second fashion show I have attended at the same event in a different year and they had definitely upped their game.

This year the show was designed by Teri Niitti - as always - and the theme was forces of nature.

I didn't get a seat that close to the stage, as I was running a bit late, but as I did take the photos with a 50mm lens you can see the outfits pretty well!

Without further ado let's look at some outfits!

Enchantment for Your Eyes from Lush

When I first heard about Lush 6 years ago, I thought the only products they carried were their bath products - probably because every Lush haul I'd watch on Youtube had only bath bombs in them.

Now that I've actually been using their products myself for a long time, I've completely fallen in love with many other ones than just the Twilight bath bomb.

Here's one of my favourite skincare products from Lush!
Lush enchanted eye cream
I've had these small fine lines under my eyes as long as I can remember and during the past few years I've noticed that they've gotten a little, well, deeper. When I first started writing this blog, I didn't know a lot about skincare and thought because I had spots, I had to have combination or oily skin. As all of you know - or should know - it's definitely not that simple.

Makeup Haul

I've been doing some shopping... Find out which makeup products are new in my collection!
Makeup Haul

Ruby Red - A Nail Polish from Makiash

It's Autumn - well, technically it's almost Winter but we shall not talk about that now - and with Autumn comes everything burgundy. For me that's very convenient since I love burgundy.

Another thing I love is painting my nails. Which is kind of a surprise as I haven't been doing that much lately. However, when my September's Livbox arrived and I noticed a tiny dark glass bottle inside, I couldn't wait to get cracking and paint my nails asap!
Makiash Nail Polish in Ruby Red
This nail polish from Makiash has definitely become my most used one this Autumn. But before we get into the actual product, let me talk a little bit about the brand.

ASOS Wishlist

I made two ASOS orders last weekend. I know, TWO. *guilty face*

I can officially say that I have an obsession. To my defence, I had been lusting after most of the pieces for the longest time and the fact that we're so close to Christmas makes me feel extremely spendy.

I don't know why, but I always find myself buying lots of nice things through October/November till Christmas. And as if two orders weren't enough already there's still so many things on the site I'm lusting after. Here's a sneak peek inside my "saved items"

PHOTO DIARY | the Beauty Event of the Year

Two weeks ago I had one of the craziest yet the most amazing weekends in a long time. I was so honoured to receive a blogger pass to the biggest beauty, fashion, lifestyle and health event of the year!

The event is called "I love me" and it's held every year at Messukeskus which is an Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki with over 53 000 people attending this year. The event lasts for three days straight and every day is filled with all kinds of activities. You can even take a yoga lesson if you feel like it! Or if you're more like me, you'll probably book yourself a manicure or relaxing face massage.

Even though beauty isn't the only theme at the event that's the part I'm going to show you in photos today. I did have the chance to attend one of the fashion shows too, but I decided to do a completely separate post on that because otherwise this one would've just kept going on and on.

There's a few non-beauty related photos in the mix too but I hope you enjoy the photos nonetheless!