Hello everyone!

I just wanted to quickly wish you all a very Happy Christmas! I hope you all have an amazing time with your family and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an awesome day anyway :).

There will most likely be no posts anymore this year as after Blogmas I feel like I want to take a longer break. I also want to plan my blog posts a bit for next year as I wan't to be more organised than I was this year. If I end up having a topic that I really want to write about then there of course will be a post or two but if not, well, then I'll see you in January 2016!

BLOGMAS DAY 24 | My Christmas Decorations

BLOGMAS DAY 23 | My Current Favourite Blogs

I'm a blogger - as you probably noticed the second you arrived in my little space of the internet :D - and as a blogger I love to read other blogs and get to know to other bloggers! I've been reading blogs ever since I was about 10 years old (mostly food blogs back then though...) so 7 years now. Well that's a long time...

Anyhow, through all that time (well actually in the past two years) I've found blogs that I've grown to love and always go back to. So here's my TOP 6 blogs I'm currently loving!

BLOGMAS DAY 22 | Things I'll Be Doing This Christmas

I've stated this about a billion times in this month but I'm so excited for Christmas! Even though it doesn't feel the same without snow to my surprise I'm still as excited as usual. I've listed some of the things I'll most likely be doing this Christmas so I hope you enjoy and it gets you into the Christmas spirit! Comment below if you see anything you'd do ;D

BLOGMAS DAY 21 | Top 10 Christmas Films

Only 4 sleeps and it'll be Christmas! I'm so excited but on the other hand it doesn't feel a lot like Christmas to me. I can't remember a Christmas when there wasn't snow in Finland but this year it seems like it's only going to rain and that makes me kind of sad...

To lift my Christmas Spirit I watched a few Christmas films last weekend and decided to share my favourites with you! :)

BLOGMAS DAY 20 | NOTW: Golden Confetti

Hi all, how are you? Sorry for not posting for last two days even though I'm supposed to be doing Blogmas... I've had the worst cold and decided to take a few days off! But now let's get on with the post, shall we?

BLOGMAS DAY 17 | Festive Playlist

If you haven't already noticed, Christmas - and December in general - is my favourite time of the year. Especially for music. You can be doing absolutely anything and listen to Christmas songs at the same time brings a nice feeling to it. Even cleaning while listening to Christmas songs is fun! I've put together a Spotify playlist of all of my favourite festive songs that I love to listen at this time of the year! Enjoy and tell me a few of your favourites in the comments :)

BLOGMAS DAY 16 | The Importance of De-stressing

For some reason I had a really bad day today. When I woke up I was stressed for absolutely no reason, every little things throughout the day stressed me even more and I was beginning to feel extremely tired already at 12pm... I had schoolwork to do, blog post to write and I hadn't even taken the pictures yet!

BLOGMAS DAY 15 | Christmas & Winter Pinspiration

I love Winter time. Absolutely everything looks gorgeous then and people seem to be really happy - especially around the holidays! I thought I'd share my Christmas & Winter Pinterest board for you below in order to lift your Christmas Spirit!

BLOGMAS DAY 14 | Christmas Wishlist: Lifestyle

Today I'm going to sharing my third - and last - Christmas Wishlist with you! You can check out the other two here if you'd like: Beauty, Fashion. Only 11 sleeps till Christmas ;)

BLOGMAS DAY 13 | My Day in photos: Tallipiha

Yesterday I went this place called Tallipiha (Stable Yards) in Tampere with my mom and sister. I'm glad I took my camera with me as the place was decorated nicely and the atmosphere was amazing. If you'd like to read more about it then click right here and see the picture I took below :).

BLOGMAS DAY 11 | Unboxing: December Livbox

It's been such a long time since I wrote an unboxing post so I thought it was about time. Especially as this box seems to have many amazing products (just look at that chocolate bar!!!!). If you'd like to read any of my other unboxing posts then just click right here.

BLOGMAS DAY 10 | Winterlicious Tag

Today I have a very festive tag for you! I did the Christmas Tag last year so if you'd like to read that then click right here. However, this time I'm doing the Winterlicious Tag (as you can see from the title) for a change.

BLOGMAS DAY 9 | Christmas Wishlist: Beauty

Welcome to Blogmas day 9!

Today I have another Christmas wishlist for you (check out my fashion wishlist here) and this time we're talking about all things beauty.

BLOGMAS DAY 8 | My Favourite High End Foundation

I didn't post anything yesterday as I was at a concert with my family and just wanted to relax for the day. I also didn't have the time to schedule anything during the weekend so here's the result :D. I do have many ideas coming up so I hope you're all enjoying Blogmas! :)
When it comes to makeup, matching foundation has always been my worst nightmare. In general I'm a very yellow toned person but my face has redness and is lighter than the rest of my body. That's why I usually need a light-medium shade that's really yellow which can be really hard to find especially from the drugstore (you can read all about my favourite drugstore foundation here)

Anyway, today I'm going to tell you all about my perfect foundation match from the high end side. It's the infamous NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Light 6 Ceylan. NARS foundations are very yellow toned in general so they're perfect for people who need to find a yellow foundation.

BLOGMAS DAY 6 | 10 Random Facts About Finland

Happy Independence Day Finland!

Some of you may not know that I'm from Finland. So to celebrate this day I have collected some random facts about Finland/Finnish people and at the same time you get to know me/my culture in a way. Enjoy :)

BLOGMAS DAY 5 | What I've Been Listening To

What's on your playlist at the moment?

Let's keep in touch

Also make sure to enter my Christmas Beauty Giveaway!

BLOGMAS DAY 4 | Christmas Wishlist: Fashion

Hello all, I hope December has treated you well so far!

Today I'm going to finally share one of my Christmas Wishlists. I thought it would be so much easier to write three posts instead of one super long no one would ever want to read :D.
So if you're interested in seeing my fashion wishlist for Christmas keep on reading! And remember to check out my other Blogmas posts :).

BLOGMAS DAY 3 | Lush Has Frozen

Everyone has seen or heard about the award-winning Disney film called Frozen that blew up the world at the end of 2013. Ever since Frozen has been seen in different items like mugs, pyjamas, notebooks, advent calendars, the list goes on and on. Most of these products are of course aimed for children but this Autumn Lush came out with a Frozen themed product anyone can enjoy. That would be the bath bomb called Frozen (duh).

BLOGMAS DAY 2 | Gift Guide: Bloggers

Welcome to Blogmas day 2!

For today I've created a gift guide for bloggers. If you're not a blogger yourself, it's sometimes hard to know what kind of equipments we need. In this post I've collected ten things from various price categories to give you a little guidance on what to buy for the blogger in your life. Or if you're a blogger yourself and this collage has bits you'd like to get for Christmas, you can just send this to anyone as a wishlist ;).

BLOGMAS DAY 1 | Getting Rid of Dry Hands

Happy 1st of December everyone! Or as we say in Finland, Happy Christmas Month (Hyvää joulukuuta) ;).

This year I'm attempting to publish a post every day until Christmas aka do Blogmas. I'm making no promises but I have so many posts I want to write before the 25th so may the odds be ever in my favour... :D