Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to quickly log in and wish a Happy Halloween to all of you! Well, technically it's almost over and no one is probably checking their Bloglovin' feed etc at the moment either but you get the point...

Personally I didn't do anything special, spent the day with my family and watched some movies. I did do my makeup this year. Nothing special, just a kind of Vampire/Witch type of look which means dark purple eyes, black/purple ombre lips and black contour.

So, again, I hope you all had a blast and did something a little bit more exciting than me :D. Let me know in the comments how you spent your day and if you dressed up as anything!


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Christmas at Lush

A few weeks ago I had the honour to attend the Finnish Lush Christmas blogger event! It was my first blogger event ever and it was such a great experience. There was 11 other bloggers and two workers from Lush who told us all about the new and exciting Christmas products. We also got to enjoy some lovely drinks and healthy crisps from Ruohonjuuri which is basically a Finnish health and superfood kinda store. 

But you didn't open this post to read about healthy snacks now didn't you? So let's dive right into all things Lush and Christmas!

The event was held in Lush Helsinki's party room!
All the new lovely Christmas soaps!
(Which I now own way too many, heh, oops...)

Review | MAC Shy Shine

Hello all of you lovely people! I hope you're well.

I feel like such a rubbish blogger at the moment... I've been so busy with events and things in my private life that just haven't had the time to sit down and write a post - even just one! Hopefully now that everything seems to be sorted out I can start blogging more frequently again as it's something I love to do.

I hope you enjoy my very overdue post :).
Today we're going to talk about my newest obsession - MAC Shy Shine lipstick. Well technically the obsession isn't new as I've had this lipstick quite a while now but recently I've been reaching out for it so much.

I Love Me -messut (I Love Me fair)

This post will be written in Finnish as it's mainly aimed for people who live in Finland. A very roughly translated English version can still be found below the Finnish one if you're interested in finding out what this post is about :).

Moikka kaikki!

Tänään julkaisenkin ensimmäisen suomenkielisen postaukseni. En olisi ikinä uskonut, että oma äidinkieli voisi tuntua näin vieraalta :D. Mennään kuitenkin suoraan asiaan...

Postauksen aiheena on siis I Love Me -messut jotka järjestetään tänä viikonloppuna (16-18.10) Helsingin messukeskuksessa.

Autumn Beauty Wishlist

That Dress

Everyone has that one outfit or piece of clothing that makes them feel good about themselves. I tend to mostly wear dresses because I feel the most confident yet comfortable in them.

At the beginning of Summer I went to see my sister and we did a bit of shopping. I found this dress on sale for 7€ and the last one was my size! Usually when I go sale shopping I can't find anything in my size anymore, but I guess that time I was lucky.

This dress is from a shop called New Yorker and the brand is FB Sister. Ever since I bought it I've found myself constantly wearing it.

In my opinion you can wear it all year around paired with different accessories. You can't wear it if it's boiling hot though since it's black/very dark brown and the material is kind of funny.

The first thing that caught my eye was - of course - the pattern on it. Everyone loves lipsticks and I think this dress is a fun way of showing it :D. As you can see from the photos it also has tiny unfilled hearts on it.

It's a skater shaped dress which only makes me love it even more as it looks great on my body shape and you don't have to worry if you eat a little too much while wearing it. :D

This definitely has been one of my best purchases as I've already worn it about a billion times. It's definitely one of my favourite dresses/clothes I own.

What's that one outfit that makes you feel good about yourself?
- Anu

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