Unboxing | Livbox May Edition

The theme for Livbox this month was "Summer is a party". I really liked this month's Livbox even though it kind of wasn't for me... Read more below.

USA Trip post #2 | Sephora Haul

Even after my Huge Drugstore Haul I have so many more amazing makeup products to show to you people! I think all of you that are reading this are probably makeup lovers like myself so you'll understand the need to buy everything beautiful and interesting in your sight.

Empties #3

It's been so long since I wrote my last Empties post. Over four months I think. And as you can see I've collected quite many empty products over that period of time. Even makeup which is quite rare for me, haha. I feel like every time I have more and more products to show you, maybe I should start doing these posts more frequently. What do you think?

USA Trip post #1 | HUGE Drugstore Haul

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well!

I'm sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks. I've been extremely jetlagged for the longest time ever after my US trip and then I even caught a cold, lucky me... About my trip to the US, I bought so much makeup. I think my collection is probably twice as big now than it was before! But what can you do when you see brands you've been lusting after for so long and can't get your hands on them in your own country? Well personally, I couldn't control myself.

Playlist | Spring Vibes

I love getting new music recommendations and knowing what kind of music other people are listening to. When it gets closer to Summer I like to find some new songs and start listen some more upbeat ones again. Here are some of my current favourite songs to dance to!
  • Act My Age - One Direction
  • Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony
  • Can't Stop Dancin' - Becky G
  • Heartache On the Big Screen - 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Clouds - Redrama feat A. J. McLean
  • Take Over the World - Kadis feat. Audio Push
  • Air Guitar - McBusted
  • Set It On Fire - Chrissy DePauw
  • Need You Right Now - Bethany Mota

What are some of your favourite songs for this Spring?
- Anu

What's in My (old) Bag?

I just got a new bag and when I started pulling things out from my old I thought it would be fun to show you the things that had piled up in there as I don't really remember to empty my bag. This bag is from a shop called New Yorker and it was about 30€.
 Yep, definitely should start looking through my bag more often... Haha.