Wishlist | Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution has released many amazing products after my last order and every time they've announced a new item I've probably been lusting after it. Here are a couple MUR products I really can't get wait to get my hands on!
• Euphoria Palette - Bare (£6.00)
• Full Lip Lava Collection (£11.96)

What products are you currently lusting after?
- Anu


  1. I have the Euphoria palette and I personally don't recommend it. The eyeshadows were very sheer and difficult to pack on and blend. But I'm also very tempted to try the Chocolate palettes. I've heard the quality of the eyeshadows in it are much better than on their other palettes. xx

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  2. I am such a huge fan of Makeup Revolution. I have quite a lot of their products already but I'd really like to try the Prime & Anti-Shine balm because I don't have anything like it at the moment!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx

  3. Thank you Renata, that's good to know! It looks very handy as it has so many things in one palette but I do already have a palette like that, haha.
    I got the I Heart Chocolate palette for Christmas and I think the quality in it is amazing! I also really like the 100 Eyeshadow Collection palette. Most of the colour are very pigmented and all of them are easy to blend :)x

  4. Me too! The balm sounds great as I tend to get a bit shiny towards the evening :)x