Haul | The Body Shop

Hello everyone! I hope you've had an excellent week so far. I'm finally back with a little haul post, enjoy :).

So... There was a sale in The Body Shop and I had a couple of things I've wanted to try for a loooong time. The things I wanted haven't really been that necessary and as TBS products are pretty expensive (at least in Finland) I didn't want to buy them. Of course when the prices were reduced I saw my opportunity to splurge a little.

First product I had to get my hands on was the infamous Honey Bronze Bronzer in 01 Light Matte. I have swatched it on the back of my hand already and it looked a bit orange but I shall try it again properly and see how it actually looks on my face.

Essie Button talked about this Tea Tree Body Wash in one of her videos a couple months ago and I've really wanted to try it ever since! As you can see from the picture I couldn't wait to try before doing this post and I really do think it helps to remove impurities and leaves your skin feeling very refreshed.

I've been looking for a gentle exfoliator for a while now and decided to go for this Aloe Gentle Exfoliator for sensitive skin. Even the name tells that it's exactly what I was looking for!

My all-time favourite body scrub: Vineyard Peach. I think this is a spring edition because I haven't seen this anywhere since last May. It's exactly the same as all the other TBS body scrubs but I think this one definitely smells the best.

This winter my skin has been acting up a lot and I've also fallen in love with face masks. That's why I bought two face masks, the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask and the Tea Tree Face Mask to see if they'd offer any help for my blemished skin.

Have you picked out anything from TBS recently?
- Anu

Unboxing | Livbox February Edition

Another Unboxing post! I know that monthly beauty boxes aren't for everyone but as soon as my subscription ended, I just had to renew it!
This months Livbox was kind of Valentine's Day themed with the cute pink ribbon and a lovely Valentine's Day gift for all the subscribers.
First Impressions:

  • Garnier Fructis Densify Lenghts Plumper Serum (7,90€/50ml) - This serum is basically supposed to give your hair extra volume. It's probably similar to the Cutrin Chooz Multivolumizer that came in the January Livbox (and which I loved). First of all, I love the packaging as it's pink and currently I'm crazy about all things pink, haha. It's smells very fruity, probably due to the pomegranate extract. 
  • Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion (13,50€/400ml) - A body lotion which you're supposed to apply after using your regular shower product and then rinse off. It has no perfumes or colourants and it's ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Lumene Nude Perfection Fluid Foundation (19,90€/30ml) - I actually tried a sample of this foundation just a couple days before Livbox arrived and fell in love with it! It's super lightweight and even though the coverage is supposed to be light, I felt like it was more of a medium coverage. It's a very natural finish and the shade 2 is perfect for me! Can't wait to use this more.
  • Nivea Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar Water (5,95€/200ml) - This cleansing water is apparently a Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2015 winner. I'm currently loving the Garnier Micellar Water so I can't wait to see if there's something different between these two.
  • Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow in 612 (4,95€) - A very natural matte eyeshadow with a slight golden undertone. It's very pigmented and blends easily. 
+ A gorgeous necklace from Ibero!

Overall review:
In my opinion the box just keeps getting better and better. I love how this time they've included a Cosmo winner and the new Lumene foundation which is more expensive itself than just one box! The theme was "Friends of Cosmetics" and in my opinion this box has everything a beauty enthusiast would wish for so a huge applause for that!

Have you ever had the chance to try something from the Finnish brand Lumene?
- Anu

Wishlist | Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution has released many amazing products after my last order and every time they've announced a new item I've probably been lusting after it. Here are a couple MUR products I really can't get wait to get my hands on!
• Euphoria Palette - Bare (£6.00)
• Full Lip Lava Collection (£11.96)

What products are you currently lusting after?
- Anu

Playlist | Valentine's Day with Your BFF

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I love to listen some music that day (like every other day of the year really) I thought I'd show you some of my favourite songs to listen to with my BFF since I'm going to spending the day with her.
Before I get started, here's a fun fact: Valentine's Day in Finland is actually called "Ystävänpäivä" which from word to word means "Friend's Day". It still has the exact same meaning though, the name is just different :).
Hope you enjoy!

Oath - Cher Lloyd 
This is a really girly and fun song about best friends and they getting in trouble together but always having each others backs.

Umbrella - Rihanna
I actually just realised it a couple days ago that this song is a suitable friendship song. I have always known the words correctly etc for this song but never really thought about the meaning before.

Count On Me - Bruno Mars
"You can count on me like 1, 2, 3 I'll be there. And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4, 3, 2 you'll be there. Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah." Do i really need to say more about this song?

Always Be Together - Little Mix
This song is a bit like the Cher Lloyd one but it has more of a sad and meaningful tone in it.

I'll Be There For You - The Rembrandts
This one's a classic. If you've ever seen even one episode of Friends this will probably be playing in your head for the rest of the day!

You've Got a Friend In Me - Toy Story (Randy Newman)
As a Disney fan I had to include this song to the list! I just love the lyrics and I feel like this song makes all your worries go away.

You can listen the whole playlist here or below!

How are you going to spend your Valentine's Day?
- Anu

Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape

Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape in Dark
Makeup Revolution has definitely become one of my top 3 high street makeup brands. The quality and range of products is already absolutely amazing and growing fast as I'm writing this post.
Even though I made my first order about three months ago and even posted a haul about it, I realised I've never really told more about the products I love.

The product I'm reviewing today is their Ultra Brow Arch & Shape in the shade Dark (£3.50). I did talk about this brow pen a bit in my December Favourites where I already mentioned that in my opinion this looks like a great dupe for the Soap & Glory Brow Tint & Precision pen. Let me know in the comments what you think as I've never personally tried the Soap & Glory one.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape in Dark
Kohl pencil, felt tip
As you can see from the first picture the pen has a very thin felt tip and a kohl pencil. Both of them are very pigmented and easy to work with. I've been using the kohl pencil much more than the felt tip but the tip is excellent for filling the beginning of your brow for a more natural look since you can create very thin lines. Also the staying power is amazing, my brows look exactly the same after a long day with or without brow gel.

Have you tried this brow product?
- Anu

My iPhone 5 Case Collection

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday!

Ever since I got an iPhone 5 I started to collect cases for it. I thought I'd do a short post and show them for you as I'm now selling most of them on my Depop account (just search mylifeasanu on the app) if anyone's interested! :)