My Christmas in Photos

Even though Christmas is already almost three weeks away (can you believe it?) I thought I'd still share some christmassy photos with you.
Our yard was literally covered in snow and more was coming!
Had a bit of an accident when applying makeup... Maybe not that much powder?!
Playtime with the puppies :)
My sisters made these for our Christmas dinner, so pretty!
Best cake I've ever tasted! 
Opening the presents
Sleepy puppies<3 
Here's also some of my favourite Christmas decorations from my room!
Link your favourite Christmas post in the comments ;)
- Anu


  1. PUPPIES! So cute! I always dip my brush in powder and spend ages tapping the excess off! X

  2. Alina Bostan1/12/2015 12:26 am

    Those puppies look adorable and can't believe how much snow you had, so lucky! Sounds like you had a wonderful time x

    Beauty with charm

  3. The puppies are so cute! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas :)


  4. Thank you! It feels so weird that two of them will be leaving in a few days since we can't keep them all :(. I've had the same problem lately :D

  5. Even if there isn't any snow the day before Christmas it always snows at night or on Christmas day, it's pretty funny actually!

  6. Thank you Jessica! I definitely had a blast :)x