Review | Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

A picture of Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in 010 Ivory
I love trying out concealers. Mainly because I don't think I've found the "perfect" on yet. The one I've been absolutely loving lately is the Rimmel London Wake Me Concealer in 010 Ivory.

First of all, I really like the packaging. You can easily fit it anywhere so it's easy to take with you. The bright orange lid is a nice add of colour to the packaging and really brightens up the tube.
a picture of the rimmel london wake me up concealer 010 ivory opened tube dome applicator
When you open the tube, you find a dome applicator which is a huge part why I like this concealer. It's very easy to work with and you get just the right amount of concealer.

The consistency of this concealer is very creamy and light but it still manages to cover blemishes and dark circles. It doesn't dry out your skin, goes on very smoothly and stays on the whole day. I have a combination skin and I think this concealer does a great job on my T-zone (oily) and cheeks (dry).

The smell of it is very nice and refreshing too, I'd definitely agree with lots of people saying it's almost a fruity smell.
Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in 010 ivory blended
Overall I think this is the concealer that is closest to my "perfect" one! The only down side of this is that there's only 4 different shades available but for me 010 Ivory is just right!

Have you tried this concealer? What do you think of it?
What's your favourite concealer?
- Anu 


  1. always wanted to try this!


  2. I really like this concealer, but Maybelline Fit Me concealer is still my favourite. Have you tried it? xx

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  3. I would definitely recommend it! :)xx

  4. I love the Maybelline Fit Me! The only problem is I've been using it in the shade 10 but it's a tad too dark for me without my slight tan and the one shade lighter (which I think is 15...?) is too red so I can only use Fit Me in the Summer :(

    1. Oh, what a shame! I use shade 15 and it's a good match for me all year around but mainly during A/W. X

  5. look great on you, sound like a good one