#TeenBlogSeries week 6 | Autumn Fashion Staples

Autumn fashion. Probably one of my favourite things of the year! The clothes get cosier and colours darker and even though the weather gets colder, everything seems to be a lot more warm.
I have made a collage of a couple of things I think are a must this Autumn and listed some more below.

My Autumn must-haves 2014
  • anything burgundy (I love it as you can see from the collage, haha), beige or army green
  • oversized jumpers
  • fur waistcoat
  • big knit scarves
  • leather pants / waxed looking pants
  • printed skirt
  • bright pea coat
  • knee-high boots
  • chelsea boots
You can find my other #TeenBlogSeries posts here. One of the topics was my favourite high street shop and picks which has many affordable Autumn related fashion pieces from H&M. You can find the post here.

What are your must-haves for this Autumn?
- Anu 

The Autumn Tag

You can use the image if you like, but just remember to mark me as the source since it's my own picture :)

Hello loves!

This tag was created by Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 and you can read her post here. I tag everyone who reads this to do the tag - just remember to mention Georgina as the creator :).

1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I'm not a huge fan of coffee - and the nearest proper coffee shop is an hour away, Starbucks three hours - but I do love Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even the thought of it makes my mouth water and it makes me sad I can't just catch a bus just for a cup of it.

2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
I love boots. Especially brown boots for Autumn, I should really find ones that aren't too expensive! And big scarfs are always a must, which I should find somewhere too... I'm a bit late with all the Autumn shopping now that it's almost October, whoops.

3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
I still listen to the same artists and bands when the season changes but I do like to listen music that is a bit more slow and calming. I think Ed Sheeran and Daughtry are my favourites for this Autumn.

4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
My go to Autumn scent is Vanilla Body Mist from the Body Shop. I think it smells a lot more natural than perfumes so I prefer body mists over them.

5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
Again I like to keep all the scents very natural and most of the scented candles have perfume in them but if I find a candle that is naturally scented I love everything with apples, cinnamon or vanilla.

6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
I love how cold it gets so you can wear knitted dresses, warm coats with scarfs and gloves. And all the colours - yellow, red, brown - they just look so gorgeous. The feeling of having a nice relaxing bath with some Lush bath bombs and a cup of hot chocolate. Warm cozy socks. Candles. I could just go on and on.

7.  Favourite makeup look?
A berry lip - definitely! I just don't think I'm brave enough to wear as dark lips as I would want to as I'm only a teenager but then again if I really want to wear a dark lip and like it myself then who cares? Oh, and brown or purple eyeshadow looks great in Autumn!

8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
For this Autumn specifically I think I'm looking forward to all the exciting things that are going to happen - or I hope they are. And the fact that I'm finally going to get my own bathtub now that we're having a little renovation in my bathroom - squeals! 

I hope you're having a very relaxing weekend!
- Anu 

Stationery | Tiger Haul

I had been looking for a small notebook for a very long time but all of the ones I had found just didn't fill my needs. I then decided to stop by at Tiger when my mom was trying on some coats and found exactly what I needed and some other great bargains too!
Eraser pen - 1€
10 small gel pens - 3€
Small notebook - 1€
Glass nail file - 2€

When the cashier told me my 7€ total I was really surprised and happy that I found so many useful things with so little money!

What do you think of Tiger?

- Anu 

#TeenBlogSeries week 5 | Skincare Routine

It is now week 5 of the #TeenBlogSeries and we're halfway through the topics. Time has gone so quickly, I almost find it hard to keep up with the posts!
This week's topic "Skincare Routine and Skincare Must Have for Teens" comes right on time since I struggled with my skin a lot throughout July and August but finally found some help to my problem!

For my skincare routine I use the Clinique 3-step skin care system in the morning and before I go to sleep. I told a bit about it in my August Favourites and I've loved it ever since I got it. It has the liquid facial soap oily skin formula, clarifying lotion 3 and dramatically different moisturising gel. 

(If I'm wearing makeup I always remove it with some Nivea makeup wipes but I don't wear makeup everyday so I didn't include it to this everyday skincare routine.) 

Step 1
I wash my face with warm water and leave it a bit wet. Then following the introductions of the skincare system I first take a bit of the Clinique liquid facial soap oily skin formula, rub it in my hands so it foams and apply it all over my face. I like to let it be for about 5-10 seconds to make sure it affects and then wash it off. It cleanses my skin leaving it very soft and prepares it for exfoliation.

Step 2
Next for exfoliation I take the Clinique clarifying lotion 3 and sweep my face with it using a cotton pad. I have combination skin so even though it's oily it can also get dry very easily so I think it's great how effectively this deep-clenses and refines pores without drying my skin. It also smells very nice even though it's 100% fragrance free as every other Clinique product is.

Step 3
Last but not least comes a very important part of skincare which is moisturising. I take only a teeny tiny amount of the Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel and apply it to wherever I feel like I need some moisturising. This gel lasts me for so long because you really need so little amount of it even if you apply it all over your face and neck.

Skincare must have for teens
I think there really isn't a product every teen should have for skincare but I think everyone should have the right skincare routine. I first thought I would do okay by just going for the products that had great reviews for combination skin but now that I asked a professionals help my skin looks so much clearer and feels amazing!
So the only must have thing I have is a tip: ask a professionals help and don't use too many products even if you think you need them because you probably don't. I think the less products, the better.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post and it helped some of you a bit!
Do you have some products you think I should try out?

- Anu 

Review | Rimmel London Lip balms

I have always been a huge lip balm girl. You can find different sticks and little pots in my bag, pencil case, the pockets of my coats or jackets and sometimes they'd sadly get ruined by the washing machine when I had forgotten them in the pocket of my jeans. 
As all of you already know by now (or if you don't, why have you lived in the left corner of a shoebox for the past month?) Rimmel London launched a new Keep Calm lip balm range back in August and when they finally hit the stores I went and bought all of them - typical me.

As soon I saw them, I fell in love with the colourful and fun packaging - and the fact that most of the lip balms leave a hint of colour on your lips except the "Keep calm and Shop". I have always liked Maybelline's Baby Lips range but I find the Rimmel's Keep Calm a lot more hydrating. They are very smooth and easy to apply with the slanted nib. I haven't had the courage to try out purple lipstick yet so I think it's great to see how it would look on me using the Party lip balm even though the colour is a lot more subtle.
Party, Play, Rock, Shop, Kiss
Personally I think Rimmel London has done a great job with the lip balms and they are something I've started to use every day, all day. They're not only useful for when your lips are dry but also a great way to start out using something different for your lips especially if you're just beginning to use makeup but don't want to go for lipstick just yet. I think it's something moms could buy for their daughters when they play princess and want to put a bit of makeup on - as we all wanted to do when we were little - or then they could just buy it for themselves and use it to brighten up their look a bit.

Have you tried these lip balms? What did you think of them?

- Anu 

The Makeup Tag

*picture is not my own, however it's edited by me*
The lovely Jo from Caledonian Kitty tagged me to do the Makeup Tag! You can read her post here.
Now let's dive right into the questions....

1. What Foundation Do You Use?
Currently I'm using the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 105 Natural Ivory.

2. How About Concealer?
I'm changing my concealer almost everyday depending on how my skin looks and they are the Collection Lasting Perfection, Rimmel London Wake Me Up and Maybelline Fit Me.

3. What do you think of Fake Eyelashes?
I think fake eyelashes are great if they look as natural as possible. They can be a bit longer or thicker than your lashes normally are but if they are extremely thick/long the difference to your lower lashes is huge and it makes your eyes look bad.

4. What Brand Of Mascara Do You Use?
I like to try out different kinds of mascaras. I have plenty of them and mostly I use Maybelline, Rimmel or Clinique. Right now I'm about to change from the Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express to the Rimmel Wonder'full mascara

5. Sephora or Mac?
Well we don't have Sephora in Finland and you can buy MAC from only two places but I'd probably say Sephora even though I love MAC as a brand. If I had unlimited amount of money when it comes to buying makeup I'd say MAC.

6. What Make Up Tools Do You Use In Application?
All of my makeup brushes are currently from Real Techniques since I fell in love with the first brushes I bought from them and thought I should buy all the brushes I need from a brand I already like. On daily basis I use foundation brush, buffing brush, powder brush, brow brush and kabuki brush. 

7. Do you use Make Up Base/Eyeshadow primer for the eyes?
I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser before I apply any face makeup and for the eyes I use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

8. What is your Fave Eyeshadow/Colour/Shade?
I love brown, gold and pink!

9. What do you think of Pigment Eyeshadows?
I haven't used them so I don't think I have much to say in this one.

10. What is your Fave Lipstick?
YSL Rouge Volupté in 13 Peach Passion.

11. What is your Fave Blusher to use?
I only have like 3 blushers so I don't have many to choose from but I'd say Stila baked cheek duo in pink glow.

12. Do you like drugstore Make Up?
Totally! It's a lot cheaper than high end makeup and sometimes you can find a product exactly as good and save lots of money. Some brands have many excellent products and others only have one or two that I like to use. I think anyone can find something they like if they aren't super allergic etc.

13. Name a Make Up crime you hate?
Too much bronzer or unnatural looking eyebrow makeup. 

14. Do you like colourful shades of Make Up (Lipstick, Eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I like most of the colours there is for lipstick, if it's not something like blue or green but for eyeshadow I like to go for neutral ones. When I go to a party I could use colourful shades for the eyes too.

15. If you could leave the house with just One Make Up Item what would it be?
As in I'd be wearing only one makeup item on me? Foundation or mascara if I'd have a good skin day.
16. Could you leave the house without any Make Up on?
If I'd just pop into shops or go for a walk then yes. I feel more comfortable with small amounts of makeup in places like school and such though.

17. In your opinion what is the best Make Up Line?
I don't have one that I like the most but I do have some favourites. From the high street side I'd say Maybelline and Rimmel. When it comes to high end makeup I love YSL, Estée Lauder, Clarins and MAC.

18. What do you think of Make Up?
I love it! I don't think it's necessary to use a lot of it on everyday basis or at all if you don't like wearing makeup. It just happens to be one of my passions.

If you're reading this I challenge YOU to do this tag :).

- Anu 

August Favourites

Hello loves and welcome to my August favourites!
I can't believe another month has already passed! So much has happened. Summer is officially over, everyone is back in school or work and life is filled with ordinary days again. Now without any further ado let's get into the favourites.

Proffs Dry Shampoo
In the summer my hair tends to get pretty oily and even though when it starts to get a bit colder in August it still doesn't calm down until in September or so. Gladly my oldest sister bought me this dry shampoo for my birthday. It says "Used as an lightweight mattifying refreshing booster before going out or an an intense oil fighter for oily hair. This rich non oily lightweight dry spray immediately helps to restore hair into a fresh finish." I think that sums it up just perfectly.

White Nail Polish (number 58) from Tiger
I've had a thing for white nail polish for a while now and I have no idea why. Because of that I've tried a couple of them from different brands and this one has stood out among all the others. It has such a good consistency and it's only 1€! I did a comparison between two white nail polishes where I also reviewed this one and you can read it here.

Clinique 3-step skin care system
If you have followed my blog for a while and read my July favourites then you already know that my skin has been pretty whimsy this summer.
One day I was randomly looking at some Clinique products and the Clinique assistant came up to me and asked if I was looking for something in particular. I said no and as there was no other customers at the moment she started chatting with me about skincare and makeup.
I then told her that my skin had been pretty annoying lately and she recommended this Clinique 3-step skin care system which includes the Clinique liquid facial soap oily skin formula, Clinique clarifying lotion 3 and Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. At first she gave me a two day sample and I instantly noticed the difference and went and bought the full-sized package.

boscia Luminizing Black Mask 
This peel-off mask is absolutely amazing! When you remove it you can see all the dirt and blackheads from your pores stuck in the mask. It literally cleanses EVERYTHING from your face! It also contains vitamin C which helps your skin look bright.

Coconut Oil
On top of the delicious smell coconut oil has, it is great for your hair. I've been applying it 3 times a week and I've noticed that my hair is so much smoother, grows faster and looks healthier. I will be doing a haircare routine kind of post later on this so stay tuned if you want to know more!

Prison Break
When Prison Break came on TV for the first time in Finland back in September 2006, I was automatically hooked, at the age of 8! In August I was sick a lot so I started to watch Prison Break from the beginning, ended up watching it every time I had a chance and had finished all the 4 seasons at the end of the month.

What were your favourites in August?

And by the way you can still get the 10% discount in bornprettystore.com with the code ANUT10 if you love jewellery and nail accessories ;).

- Anu 

#TeenBlogSeries week 3 | Favourite High Street Shop and Picks

Welcome to my week 3 post of the #TeenBlogSeries! If you still don't know what it is make sure to check out my first post here and if you get interested you can find the second post here.

Week 3 is all about your favourite high street shop. Now this was kind of a hard topic for me because we don't have my ultimate favourite high street shops in Finland *sighs*. But then I decided I'd tell you about my favourite high street shop that I do have access to in here also. Which is - of course - H&M.
For about a year, if I needed something or just wanted to check out some of the latest trends, H&M would be the place you'd find me. I think they've really improved the quality of their clothes and now anyone can find something they like from there. If you go check my outfit posts or would rummage through my wardrobe you could see the huge amount of love I've given to H&M.
Also when you're a teenager and don't necessarily have a regular source of money, you want to find clothes that are cheap but good quality. I think H&M has got you covered there!

I went online and chose some of my favourite things from there. The first two collages are outfits that I put together and the third one has some random picks I really liked! You can find all the details below.
Grey jumper €19,99/£14,99/$24,95
Purple skirt 14,99€/£12,99/$9 (dropped from $17,95)
Chelsea boots 29,99€/£24,99/$24,47 (dropped from $34,95)
Bowling bag 24,99€/£19,99/$29,95

Grey shirt 9,99€/£7,99/$12,95
Fake fur waistcoat 34,99€/£29,99/$27,97 (dropped from $39,95)
High waisted trousers 19,99€/£14,99/$13.97 (sold out in US online store)
Knee high boots 49,99€/£34,99/$41,97 (dropped from $59,95)

Dress 14,99€/£12,99/$17,95
Mickey sweatshirt 24,99€/£19,99/$24,95
Boots €29,99/£24,99/$34,95

What are your favourite picks from H&M?

- Anu 

Giveaway Mania

This post is a bit different and maybe you can find it a tad weird BUT it was something that I really wanted to write about.
There has been so many incredible giveaways recently in the blogs that I follow and love. MAC cosmetics, Ray Bans, makeup brushes, anything beauty and fashion related you can imagine really! 
The reason I haven't had one myself yet is because the one special thing - which is reaching 100 followers - hasn't happened and that's when you host a giveaway - when there's something you want to celebrate with your readers. Hopefully that can happen soon though - only under 30 to go - because I'm really excited to host my first giveaway!
But now I'm going to share some of the great giveaways that are hosted by blogs I follow. I thought it would be just fair to tell you rather than keep all the information myself - haha. 

I'm sure that none of you will do that but if you happen to be just a random person and have seen this blog post please don't follow the blogs that I'm about to tell you JUST because of the giveaways. First make sure you actually like the blog's content and then enter the giveaway to show more of your support! I'm sure that'll make all of us happier :).

Now you can have some fun surfing through all these links!


UK only

Phew! A whole lot of links indeed!
I hope you all found some new favourite blogs from this post, enjoy reading them! And fingers crossed to everyone who joined some of the amazing giveaways :).

- Anu 

The Ultimate Concert Experience

Over a week ago on Saturday (23th of August) me and my best friend Sonja went to see a Finnish rapper called Cheek at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium with her aunt and cousin. He is the most famous rapper in Finland and Sonja got us tickets for my birthday present!
Cheek also had a gig on Friday and both of the shows were sold out! Overall 40 000 people packed into the stadium on both days just to see him perform for the last time before his well deserved break from music.
The stage show was absolutely incredible! I've never seen anything like that in my life. Cheek (his real name is Jare Henrik Tiihonen) had over 20 special guests - I think everyone who has ever featured a song with him took part in the show.
The photos aren't super good quality since we sat pretty far away from the stage and I really didn't want to concentrate on taking photos because I wanted to just enjoy the show :).
Here are some of the best ones I and Sonja got though.
So many people!!!

This is the show's programme
Enter - JVG (a Finnish two man band)
Parties and Friendships
Music, gigs, parties, girls, friends, memories.
Light and Shadows
Infatuation, falling in love, disappointment, cynicism, regret, hope.
Passion and Attitude
Megalomania, breaking, competitive, getting crazy, honesty, self-confidence, genuineness. 

Hopefully you enjoy tonight's selection.
*Cheek's autograph*
Chef - Jare Henrik Tiihonen

 For the last 20 minutes or so it started to rain pretty badly so that's why the programme is a bit wrinkled and I don't have a good photo of me or my clothes but here's a photo of my outfit anyways. As you can see from my jeans we got pretty wet and I've had a cold over a week because of that.
What I Wore
Black Top - Cubus
Pink Jumper - Zara (better photo here)
Black Jeans - Dr Denim (old, ripped the knees myself)
Black Canvas Shoes - H&M
Coat - Nümph (old)
Bag - New Yorker (better photo here)

Have you been in any exciting events lately?

- Anu 

#TeenBlogSeries week 2 | Best Foundation & Brow Routine for Teens

Hello everyone and happy beginning of September!
Now that it's Monday it's time for another post of the #TeenBlogSeries. You can find my first post here.
This week me and every other blogger who took part are going to show you the best foundation and brow routine for teens! I've used makeup seriously for about two and half years now so I clearly can't tell what suits or is the best for everyone but I'm going to tell you what I find good for my skin and how I do my foundation and eyebrows.
I have a combination skin, it can get pretty oily in the summer but in the winter when it gets colder it can be extremely dry. For me these products have worked every season. Hope you find this post helpful!
Concealing the under eye circles
I start off by concealing the area under my eyes with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I put the colours fair (1) and warm medium (3) on the back of my hand and mix them together with the Real Techniques Detailer brush that comes with the core collection. I then use the same brush to apply it under my eyes and pat the concealer in with my fingers. The reason I'm mixing these two colours is that the number 3 is too dark and number 1 too light. Also I find the colour cool medium (2) too red for my skin so I really don't want to use it but as I like to use this concealer I think mixing really is the best - and probably only - option.
Blemishes and spots covered
Using the Real Techniques Foundation brush the next step is to conceal any little spot and blemish I find. To do this I'm using either the Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer in 010 Ivory or the Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer in 10. Even though the brush is meant for foundation I think it does a lot better work with concealer and I like to use brushes on different thinks. Also people are different so what works for others maybe isn't the best for you.
Setting the concealers
Next thing I like to do is to set the concealer on place especially under the eyes. For this I use the cute pink Real Techniques Setting brush and Lumene Mineral Loose Powder and just pat the powder on top of the concealer The powder is also translucent and very light.
Even out the skin with foundation
For foundation I use the Maybelline New York Fit Me foundation in 105. I don't always use concealer and foundation at the same time but when Autumn begins and tan starts to fade my skin can look very unevenly coloured on some days and foundation really helps it not to. I apply it with the Real Techniques Buffing brush which is also from the core collection as the detailer brush. I pump the foundation on the back of my hand, use the brush to pat it all over my face and then just blend, blend and blend.
Set it all together
To set it all in and make my skin even more even I use the Lumene Matt Powder Foundation in 01 Cream Beige and take the Real Techniques Powder brush to apply it. If you have a lot of blemishes make sure to dab the powder in rather than swiping it all over your face. Then all your hard work won't be gone and the concealer will stay in place.
Before moving on to the eyebrows I use the YSL Touche Éclat in 2 I conceal my under eye circles a bit more and brighten up my face. I pat it all in with my fingers.
Bringing the eyebrows alive
With the Maybelline New York Master shape brow pencil in Soft Brown I gently fill my brows following their natural shape. I then brush through them with the brush at the end of the pencil making sure there's not too much product. I then blend it in with the Real Techniques Brow brush. When you're buying a brow pencil remember to not to buy a colour that's too dark. For me the Soft Brown looked very light at first but it comes out so much darker when it's applied so try it on the back of your hand before buying or ask for a professional's help!

Well didn't this turn out quite long... Whoops... Hope you enjoyed!

- Anu