#TeenBlogSeries week 1 | 10 Facts About Me

Teen Bloggers Anouska Millar and Beth have decided to start a project called #TeenBlogSeries. Its aim is to bring together lots of the teens/young adults in the blogging community. For the next ten consecutive weeks, over 80 bloggers will be writing every Monday at 6:30pm about many different things, all beauty, lifestyle or fashion related. You can view everyones posts by going to the hashtag on twitter "TeenBlogSeries". If you would like to get involved email: anouskateenblogger@googlemail.com

First of all, I'm so so so sorry that this first post is so late but I'm really excited to be involved in the #TeenBlogSeries for the next 10 weeks! As said in the description above the posts will be up every Monday at 6.30pm so stay tuned ;)

Here are the 10 facts about me to start off the series.
  1. I have three sisters and I'm the youngest.
  2. I love everything Disney related and if you asked me to, I'd watch all the movies with you for the rest of my life.
  3. You can most likely find me in my room doing the most random stuff ever.
  4. My nail polish collection is huge (for me) and I've probably used only 1/3 of the colours!
  5. I love dresses so much and I wish I had more.
  6. My favourite high end brand is Ted Baker.
  7. I keep re-decorating my room over and over again because I want it to be perfect (who doesn't?) but I think I've finally decided how I want it to look in the long run.
  8. At the moment I go to online school.
  9. If I buy something that I really like for example a really cute notebook I tend to save it for something "really special" and end up never using it.
  10. I've never had my nails done by a professional.
Hope these facts helped you to find out a thing or two about me :). Can't wait for next weeks #TeenBlogSeries! If you've joined the series too, make sure to leave your link below.

- Anu 


  1. I agree with you on number nine, I buy it and then I am like ' what will I use this for?' I found you from the #teenblogseries ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

    1. I know! It's so annoying sometimes :P

  2. Lovely post! Definitely the same as you In fact 9 :P
    Thanks for joining in on the first post of #teenblogseries

    1. Thank you, it's great to join the series :)
      Yeah, haha, I think I should just start using the things I've bought like that :P

  3. Omg i do the same thing! I buy things becuase they are cute and i say i will save them a speical day but that day never comes xx great post

    1. I know! I think we should just start making every day special so we can use them haha ;)

  4. I totally agree with you about the dresses! I could wear them all day every day! lovely blog! xx

    1. Thank you lovely :)
      I would buy every dress ASOS has if I just could haha xx