July Favourites

Well hello August! Again time to tell you what I've been loving for the past month.
My skin liked to have a few more breakouts through out the month than usual so this favourites post will mostly focus on skincare. Now let's get on to the best products of July!

The Body Shop Honey&Oat 3-in1 Scrub Mask
Everything you could ever wish for in a soothing mask. Smells great, has cleanser, polisher and moisturiser all-in-one and makes your skin super soft. Can you really ask for more?

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Scrub
I have tried a few body scrubs but the Body Shop scrubs are my absolute favourites. They are the only ones that really scrub away dead skin but still - at least for me - aren't too harsh. This time I chose the peach one because it smells fresh and fruity which I think is a great combo for Summer.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +
This has really helped me to sort out all the breakouts. It decreases redness and eventually all the spots have disappeared. It's also fragrance free so it's great for sensitive skin. I think I wouldn't have survived July without this awesome product!

Sebamed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Foam 
My favourite cleansing product of all time. I have no idea why I hadn't used it in a couple of months but I'm glad I brought it back to my daily routine. It helps to keep my skin spotless and a lot brighter without drying it out.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub
Another lifesaver of the month! After washing off the scrub I can feel how every pore on my face has cleansed and my skin feels really smooth. I even had to buy another tube of this because I used it so much last month.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Eyeliner
I usually hate gel eyeliners so when I found out that Maybelline had made a gel liner that was in a pen form I wanted to try it out right away. It goes on very smooth and lasts the whole day!

Favourite blog 
In July I discovered so many new blogs but one of them that I've been particularly loving is http://littlefreecloset.blogspot.com by Carey. If you haven't already, you most definitely need to go check her blog out!

What were your favs in July? Let me know in the comments!

- Anu 


  1. So much love for Body Shop!! I have no idea why I never stop in there! I really think I should :)
    I think my absolute favorite thing this month would have to be a MAC lipstick called 'All Fired Up'. <3


    1. Yeah, I think I'm a bit obsessed! Their products are great, I think you should give them a go :)

  2. I adore the body shop. I think the prices are really reasonable considering how gorgeous the products are! I've not tried the peach one. The mango and pink grapefruit ones smell heavenly!
    Chloe The Redhead | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. Me too! I always visit Body Shop when I can. You totally should try it! I really like the mango one too and even thought really wanted to buy the pink grapefruit, the scent was a bit too strong for me :(.
      Love the fruity scrubs though!

  3. Nice products!Your blog is very nice and interesting. I`m glad if you visit my blog, too<3


    1. Thank you Lan! Will do :) xx

  4. I need to try that scrub :D

    1. Yes you do! I think it's AMAZING! Haha :) xx

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  6. That scrub looks so amazing, need to try it out for sure!!
    I need a new eyeliner, the maybelline one sounds amazingg
    Great faves!! :) xx

    Beauté Within | Brittish Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! The eyeliner is amazing, so easy to put on :) xx

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  8. Hi! I nominated you for The Liebster Award. Check it out on my blog :)