New Year's Eve Nail Inspiration

New Year's/New Year's Eve nail polish art inspiration
Ever since I got myself some nail art tools - brushes and dotting tools - I've really been enjoying trying out different kinds of styles and patterns on my nails.
Nail art is still a very new thing to me so most of the time I've no idea where I should even start. That's exactly how I felt again when I tried to decide how I should do my nails for New Year's Eve. I then searched some inspiration from other blogs and thought it might be helpful for some of you too!
Here are some of my favourite manis:
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How will you paint your nails for NYE?
- Anu

Unboxing | Livbox December Edition

Hi everyone, I'm back! I hope you all had a great Christmas and you got to spend a lovely time with your family!
Again, I'm very late with this post as I really wanted to try and post lots of christmassy things before Christmas (and I feel like I pretty much failed at that... hopefully I'll do better next year!).

First impressions:
  • Calvin Klein Reveal Perfume (48€/30ml) - If you've read some of my posts where perfume is mentioned, you know that I don't really use it. I still like to get small perfume samples and just sniff them whenever I feel like it and this CK Reveal perfume is definitely one of those that I'm going to keep in my drawer just for that. It smells so good! It's not too sweet and it smells very luxurious. I'd say it's a mix of floral and woody scents.
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara (11,50€) - I actually already have this mascara in my collection. I used it a couple times but then decided to use another one instead. I don't remember why I stopped using it but now that I have two of them I definitely have to try it again and if I don't like it, decide what I shall do with the new one.
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich 15ml sample (25,90€/50ml) - I feel like I have so many face cream samples to try out but I also run out of it pretty quickly so I guess it's a good thing I've a couple backups. I love the packaging of this (even though it's a sample) and the smells is also pretty nice.
  • LV Rich Foot Cream (5,50€/75ml) - I feel like I always forget to take care of my feet even though I think it's very important. They are the reason you can go to different places, right? Anyway, this foot cream was a great reminder and I used it just a couple days ago. I used it before I went to bed and in the morning I noticed how much more softer my feet were! It smells like those basic creams you can get from the drugstore which I personally like because then you know it doesn't have any unnecessary ingredients. It doesn't leave your feet feeling sticky and you can also use it on your hands if they're extremely dry. 
  • Paese Eyeliner (4,95€) - Paese is a brand I've never heard about before. The eyeliner is black with silver glitter on it which I think is perfect for a New Year's party or any party really! 
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold (36€/30ml) - I gave this to my sister's boyfriend as it's a cologne sample. I don't have a lot to say about this other than it smells good but it's also pretty strong scent and it gave me a bit of a headache. 
  • Duc d'O Flaked Milk Chocolate Truffles - Oh. My. God. These taste SO amazing. They were a Christmas gift from the Livbox team and I can't thank them enough! They're actual 60% Belgian milk chocolate and I can tell you, when I ate them, I was literally in a chocolate heaven.
Overall review: 
The theme of this Livbox was "The Perfect Gift" and I think the products were perfect for it. You'll be able to pamper yourself with creams and chocolate, look gorgeous, smell good and give something to a man in your life (or someone else's, haha). Now I really can't wait to see what Livbox has to offer in January!

What do you think of December's Livbox?
- Anu

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!

When this post goes up I will be spending a lovely Christmas Day with my family and I really hope that all of you will be too rather than reading my not so important blog post. However if you read this post before the 28th I thought I'd let you know there probably won't be any posts before that. I'm just going to take a couple days off so I can properly spend time with my family and friends. There might be one scheduled post before that though, you'll notice if it goes up :).
After my little break I'll be writing three or four more posts about Christmas so if you're already a bit fed up with Christmas posts by then maybe don't read my blog for a while? Haha (don't really do that, I'd miss you WAY too much!).

Anyway, I'd like to wish a very Merry Christmas to every single one of you and I really hope you get to spend it with everyone you love! And to anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, have an amazing time during the holidays and treat yourself with something nice!

Lots of love,

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 21-24

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Last days of TBS Advent Calendar. What will I write about now?! Joking, haha. Check out TBS Advent Calendar label to see what I've received before!

Day 21
An Eyeshadow Brush (11,80€/£9/$16)! Finally! I don't have that many eye brushes and I've really wanted to try some TBS ones so this was just perfect. I haven't properly tried it yet but it's soft and I think it's good for everyday use.

Day 22
I love everything that smells very natural so I started using the Shea Shower Cream (8,50€/£4/$8 for 250ml/8.4oz) right away. If you're a fan of very strong scents I would say this isn't for you but I even prefer this over Coconut and to me it says a lot!

Day 23
Another Shea product was a great surprise as I like the range so much. I haven't tried the Shea Body Butter (18,90€/£13/$20 for 200ml/6.75oz) yet even though I've had one for a long time. Now that I've two maybe I will finally try it rather than always going for my trusted Coconut one.

Day 24
This White Musk Eau De Toilette (19,50/11/17,50 for 30ml/1oz) was a bit of a disappointment because I can't really use any perfume since my mom has asthma. The scent really isn't something I'd use anyway, maybe when I'm a bit older. I'm sure there's many people who would love perfume this though.

I hope you've enjoyed this little "series". I will be writing about the products that I liked the most after Christmas so stay tuned if you'd like to know which ones are worth buying ;)
- Anu 

Christmas Playlist

source - edited by me
Here are some of my favourite songs to listen at Christmas time! The first one is probably the only Finnish Christmas song I like to listen every year.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (I also LOVE this movie)
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Bruce Springsteen) (Justin Bieber)

What songs are on your Christmas playlist?
- Anu 

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 17-20

I can't believe these are almost the final days of The Body Shop Advent Calendar! Why does time have to go so fast?! Anyway, this time all the products were from different ranges. If you want to know what I got on days 1-16, you can check the TBS Advent Calendar label ;).

Day 17
Like I said in my last TBS Advent Calendar post, moringa might be my new favourite scent from TBS and now that I've the Moringa Body Milk (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz) I'm absolutely sure it is! Body milks are a bit lighter than body lotions.

Day 18
I already have one Bath Lily (3,80€/£2/$3) but I prefer them over sponges so now I don't have to buy a spare one ;).

Day 19
I love the smell of Honey Lip Balm (8,30€/£4/$6 for 10ml/o.3oz) - and any products really that have honey in them - but because I'm a bit allergic to honey and lips are a very sensitive part of your face I think I'm going to give this to my sister.

Day 20
Last thing I got is the Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz). Wild Argan Oil is one of my favourite ranges but I didn't have the body lotion yet, only the body butter. I think it's nice to have a lighter version of a moisturising product you like the scent of because the butters usually take a pretty long time to absorb.

Which TBS range is your favourite?
- Anu 

The Christmas Tag

I couldn't find any official questions for this tag and as I wasn't actually tagged by anyone - I just really wanted to do this tag - I decided to mix the questions I found. I hope you enjoy :)

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie(s)?
I actually really love watching the Harry Potter movies at Christmas time but my favourite actual Christmas movie is probably The Santa Clause (1994).

2. Do you open your present on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
In Finland it's a tradition to open our presents on Christmas Eve but I don't really know what's the point on it so my family opens them on Christmas morning.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Not really. To me every Christmas has felt special in it's own way and there's a special memory of every year I can remember. 

4. Favourite festive food?
Traditional Finnish rutabaga casserole and ham.

5. Favourite Christmas scent?
All the Christmas food combined :D.

6. Have you ever made a snowman?
Of course I have! I can't even tell you how many.

7. White lights, or coloured lights?
Definitely white lights. Preferably "warm" white ones.

8. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
Just relax and spend a lot of time with my family

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I always asked for a dog or a huge Barbie castle. Eventually I got a dog (and now I have two) when I was 12 - not particularly for Christmas or Birthday though - but never received my much wanted Barbie castle. 

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you?
Everything really! I love counting the days, decorating, the food, opening the presents, playing games with my family etc.

11. Do you like to stay in your PJ’s, or dress up for Christmas?  
I usually dress up for the day and dinner but after that I like to take a quick shower and change to my PJ's so I can be really comfy when we open the presents. 

12. Favourite Christmas present?
Even though I'm not a huge fan of Justin Bieber, I think some of his songs are really good so my sister gave me his Christmas album as a present but she made the cover herself and it said "Justin Bieber feat. Anu" and had a photoshopped picture of me and Justin. It was such an awesome idea and I still love it!

- Anu 

Two Different Blog Awards

I was nominated for two different blog awards a while back and I thought I'd put them in a single post.
First award is the One Lovely Blog Award and I got nominated by the amazing Emma from Speckled Beauty (read her post here). Thank you so much for the nomination Emma! Now to the rules.

  1. Thank the person who has nominated you & link back to their post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate up to 15 bloggers you admire,
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know they've been nominated.

7 Things about me:
  1. I've never had a broken bone.
  2. I danced since I was 7 but stopped going to classes at the age of 13 because of personal reasons. (I still love it though)
  3. Some people usually think me and the youngest one of my older sisters are twins or that I'm older than her because I'm taller.
  4. I've never dyed my hair.
  5. There's a long (about 15cm) but thin scar at my right side because when I was about 4 I slid down the stairs (like you would if you were on a slide) at my grandma's and there was something sharp at the staircase.
  6. I absolutely hate it if people ask me things like "Why are you angry?" if I'm not.
  7. Even though I'm a very girly girl, I still love to play action video games or almost any video games really.
Nominees are at the bottom of this post!
Thank you so much Hollie for nominating me to answer you questions for this award! You can read Hollie's post here

The rules are as followed:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.
  • Include the award logo in your post.
  • Answer the set of 10 questions that they provide.
  • Supply your own set of 10 questions.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers.

The questions I got:

1. What is your favourite blog and who is your favourite blogger?
Uhhh, this is such a hard decision because I love so many blogs but a few of them are Beauty With Charm by Alina, Speckled Beauty by Emma, Rachel Coco by Rachel and Sleek-Chic by Nicole. My ultimate favourite blogger is Victoria from Inthefrow

2. How do you promote your blog and what is the most effective way to do so?

Whenever I publish a new post I tweet about it and then leave my link at the end of every chat on Twitter. I don't know if those are the most effective ways though, I'm not sure what is... haha. 

3. If you could be somebody else for a day, who would it be and why?
I'm just going to say the first person that popped into my mind and that would be Gabby from the YouTube channel velvetgh0st. I really like her style and personality and have always thought what would it be like to be her. 

4. What inspired you to come up with the name of your blog?
I wasn't sure what I would be writing about so a title that told the blog is going to be about me and my life was a perfect one and that's how I came up with "My life as Anu".

5. What is your favourite perfume, lipstick and nail polish?
I don't really use perfume so I don't have a favourite one and my favourite lipstick and nail polish change all the time but currently my favourite lipstick is When You Came To Me from Makeup Revolution and nail polish...... oh my god, I actually think I can't decide. I'm just going to say anything dark but happy at the moment.

6. High heels, if you wear heels, what is your preferred heel height?
About 2.5 or 3 inches.

7. What is your favourite music at the moment?
I've been listening a lot of different types of music recently so I don't have a specific genre or anything but my two favourite songs at the moment are One Direction - Act My Age and Becky G - Can't Stop Dancing. Also any Christmas song goes as it's super close to Christmas (and I'm super excited)!

8. What are your favourite tv shows?
If I mentioned all of them this list would be soooooo long but a couple of them are Teen Wolf, the Originals, Modern Family, Nanny, Friends and Prison Break.

9. Which is more important to you, your Twitter account or your Blog?
Definitely my blog even though my Twitter account is a big part of it since I can interact with my readers and other bloggers through it.

10. Who would you most like to meet if givin the chance and why?
I sound like such a fangirl but Niall Horan from One Direction and because reasons, haha. 

My questions for my nominees:

  1. Favourite item in your wardrobe?
  2. What type of phone do you use?
  3. Shoes or handbags?
  4. What is your favourite drink ever?
  5. Do you live in the same country you were born in?
  6. Where is your "go to" place that makes everything OK again in the world?
  7. Do you own a pet or do you wish you owned one?
  8. How often do you spend time on yourself?
  9. Do you like Disney movies?
  10. What is the best book you have read and why?

I nominate the following bloggers for both of these awards if they'd like to continue them:
  • Renata from Speaking Beauty
  • Rachel from Rachel Coco
  • Alina from Beauty With Charm
  • Elish from A piece of Elish
  • Kirsty from Effortlessly Excessive
  • Jessica from The Pyreflies
  • Emma from Speckled Beauty (Sisterhood of the world: bloggers award only since you nominated me for the other award ;) )

I hope you liked this post! Have a lovely day :)
- Anu 

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 13-16

First of all, I'm going to apologise if my pictures are going to be bad quality in the next few weeks because my sister is going on a trip and she's taking the camera I've been using with her, and now I'm just going to use my phone (unless I get a camera for Christmas or something).
These days of the calendar have probably been the best ones so far in my opinion because I love the Vitamin E range but I currently have only one product from it which is the hand & nail treatment. You can read all my posts of the calendar in the label TBS Advent Calendar.

Day 13
Vitamin E Moisturise Cream (20,80€/£11/$17 for 50ml/1.7oz) is, again, a product that I've been wanting to try out for quite a while now. It's supposed to be an easily absorbed cream which is very light but still very moisturising. I really like the smell of this.

Day 14
Vitamin E Sink-in Moisturise Mask (22,10€/£13/$22 for 100ml/3.38oz). This mask is very hydrating like all the Vitamin E products and I think it's very ideal for winter time. You can either tissue it off after ten minutes or blend it into your skin like a normal moisturiser.

Day 15
The Vitamin E Night Cream (25,20€/£12/$20 50ml/1.7oz) is basically like the Vitamin E Moisturise Cream but it's thicker and you're meant to put it on your face before bed. I actually prefer the smell of this because even though the scent is the same, it's a bit lighter in this night cream.

Day 16
This is the first time I've even smelled one of the products from the Moringa range as I received the Moringa Shower Gel (8,50€/£4/$8 for 250ml/8.5oz). This shower gel is soap-free, contains moringa seed oil and has the scent of white flowers which I think is going to one of my favourite scents from TBS from now on!

Have you tried any of the Vitamin E or Moringa products?
- Anu 

Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Christmas is almost here! I can't believe it's only 8 days and some hours away. I've finally finished my beauty wishlist and all of the products (or at least most) are from the higher end. Here are the beauty products I'm hoping to receive this Christmas!
• NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette
• Benefit Hoola Bronzer
• Any face cleansing brush like Clarisonic
• Benefit the POREfessional primer
• BeautyBlender the Original
• MAC 217 Blending Brush
• Tarte lights, camera, lashes Mascara
• Any MAC lipstick from my long wishlist
• Makeup brushes (preferably Zoeva, Jessup or Complexion Perfection)
• Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer in 2 or 3

What's at the top of your wishlist?
- Anu 

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 9-12

Back again with The Body Shop Advent Calendar! This time most of the products were for skincare. You can read all the posts of the calendar here.

Day 9
On my name day (if you don't know what that is you can read here) the Strawberry Hand Cream (6,50€/£3,50/$6 for 30ml/1oz) came out of the calendar. I'm not usually that big of a fan of the strawberry scents in TBS but I really like this one. Even though it smells like strawberries it smells a bit different than the products usually. It has a bit more sweet and christmassy scent to it in my opinion.

Day 10
Colour Rush Nail Polish in 120 Relish the Moment (8,80€/£5/$8 for 6.8ml/0.22oz)is the first nail polish I own from TBS. It's a gorgeous red nail polish and perfect for Christmas. If you're familiar with the Rimmel Nail Polish in Raw As Night and you compare these two together you can notice that TBS one is a bit more orangey when the Rimmel one is just red.

Day 11
I love the Glazed Apple range so you can guess how excited I was when I got the heart shaped Glazed Apple Soap (4,80€/£2,50/$5 for 100g/3.5oz). I just don't know how I can get myself to use any of the three heart shaped soaps I've received so far because I think they're too pretty to be used.

Day 12
Another Shimmer Lotion - the product I was so interested in - but this time a Glazed Apple (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz) one. I've now tried the lotion properly and I can still say it's very shimmery in my opinion but it's also extremely moisturising. It's doesn't look like you have used glue and glitter but more like you've put eyeshadow with some shimmer on your body. There's two pictures attached below, the first one is flash off and second flash on.
Which one sounds the most interesting product to you?
- Anu 

Homeware Haulin' (and gift ideas)

I'm back with another haul but this time it's a homeware/stationary one or whatever you'd like to call it :). Most of these items are also great for Christmas gifts since they're all very cheap and cute plus I think there's something for everyone!
All of the products are either from Tiger or Ikea and altogether they were under 30€.
First I went to Ikea to buy some candles since I only wanted some white and red ones without any scents and they're very cheap there. I also wanted to get a big candle dish (4,99€) for them and the one above is perfect. I also got a small candle holder (1,99€) but I think I'm not going to put a candle in there, maybe some makeup or brushes, not sure yet.
Next I went to Tiger and I found so many cute things! The crown above is a jewellery/ring holder and I love it so much. I think it's such a cute idea and fits my room's decoration perfectly. It was 3€.
This jewellery box (4€) is actually the first thing that I got from Tiger and immediately though it was gorgeous. They also had the exact same one but it was light blue inside instead of pink. It also has a small and cute diamond knob at the top which really doesn't show that much in the picture as it's clear.
When I saw this makeup holder for 4€ I knew I had to get it. I've seen a couple bigger ones in Stockmann (which is kind of like Finnish Boots I think) but they cost about 70€!! I think it's insane since they're only about three times bigger and I could get three of the Tiger ones for 12€. But I only need one for now because it's the perfect size for my everyday makeup.
I also got some page markers since they were only 1€ and I need them all the time, haha.
Then to the lovely kitchen stuff. I've been loving homemade smoothies lately so I got the moustache cup for 3€. It was just too cute to leave in the shop and I actually bought another one on tuesday! I've also began to try out some new recipes and most of them have cups instead of millilitres. These heart shaped measuring cups (3€) have both and you get four of them from 1/4 to 1 cup.
I know that Clinique has nothing to do with homeware but I thought I'd still include these products to the haul since I bought them on the same trip. If you've read my blog for a while you know I love this 3-step system (39€) and I've told you about it in my skincare routine.
Now that it's winter, number 3 - the one that I've been using before - is too rough for my skin. I got the one number milder and my skin is in a very good condition again now that I've started using it. I've a combination skin but it tends to get a bit drier in the winter and I think this really works for it.

Would you buy any of these for your friends and family?
- Anu 

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 5-8

New The Body Shop goodies are here! I also did a post on days 1-4 if you fancy seeing what was inside the calendar in the first few days. Now let's see what I got this time...

Day 5
I don't remember hearing about a product like this before receiving the Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion (16,50€/£8/$12 for 250ml/8.4oz). It's extremely shimmery so I could imagine using it at a Christmas party but I'm still not quite sure how. It smells amazing just like the shower gel but I find this product a lot more interesting, haha.

Day 6
The Smoky Black Eye Definer (13,60€/£9/$13,50) is something I've wanted to try from The Body Shop for a long time. I really like that there's the small sponge at the other end for smudging.

Day 7
Another heart shaped soap but this time I think it's the Frosted Cranberry Soap (4,80€/£2,50/$6 for 100g/3.5oz). It doesn't smell as strong as the Strawberry Soap though.

Day 8
I really like The Body Shop lip butter's so the Strawberry Lip Butter (8,30€/£4/$6 for 10ml) was a perfect surprise for day 8. It's actually one of the few lip butters I still haven't tried.

Have you tried any of these products?
- Anu 

Seven Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Emma from Speckled Beauty to do this Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty tag. You can read her post here! And thank you Emma for tagging me! :)
What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
Most inexpensive: Any of my Makeup Revolution lipsticks
Most expensive: Estée Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow palette

What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Lip glosses because some of them can be SO sticky and yet be an amazing colour. 

What product has been the hardest to get?

Anything MAC because there's only two places in Finland that sell MAC and it's so expensive here!
Oh, and also the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - aka my favourite concealer I've tried so far - because even though we have Rimmel in Finland, we don't have all of the products including the concealer which makes no sense in my head anyway.

What are your most delicious beauty products?
Almost everything I have from The Body Shop smells amazing! I really love the fresh scent of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub actually tastes like candy! ;)

What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
Eyeshadow and blushers. If I don't have much time I don't really spend much time doing my eyes and I usually have colour on my cheeks naturally.
What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
Concealer and mascara. Those are the products I always wear when I put on makeup! I love having long and full looking lashes.

What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Eyes and emotional intelligence. 

What items would you most like to receive as a gift? 
Any high end lipsticks like YSL and MAC, the Naked palettes, Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer and basically anything that we don't have in Finland!

Answer one of the questions in the comment if you want to!
- Anu 

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014 | Days 1-4

In my Collective Fashion & Beauty Haul I showed you that I had finally got my hands on The Body Shop 24 Days of Joy Advent Calendar. Now that December has finally arrived and I've been able to open all of the small doors till this day, I thought I'd show you the things I've received so far!

Day 1
The first thing I got from the calendar was the Almond Hand & Nail Cream (9,50€/£5/$10 for 30ml). My hands were actually very dry that day so I started using this straight away. It smells amazing, like almonds of course, and feels so soft on your hands. It sinks in quite fast and is pretty light so you don't have to wait long until you can continue doing whatever you were doing like with some other hand creams.

Day 2
Next thing I got was just a basic nail file which I still haven't used since the one I'm using right now hasn't lost it's filing power.

Day 3
On the third of December I got the cute little heart soap which I think is a Strawberry Soap (4,80€/£2/$4 for 100g/3.5oz) but smaller and shaped like a heart. It's so cute that I can't get myself to use it just yet it but it smells absolutely amazing!

Day 4
Today was the day I got my first product from the Christmas range which was the Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel (€8,50/£4/$8 for 250ml/8.4oz). I already used it today and even though the scent is quite sweet and strong, after the shower there's only a subtle scent left on the skin. So if you're afraid that it's going to leave a strong scent to your body then no worries, it won't.

Those are all of the products I've got so far!

Do you have an advent calendar this year?
- Anu 

Haul | Makeup Revolution

makeup revolution haul
I finally hopped onto the train and got myself some Makeup Revolution! I'm really excited to try out all of these products and will be doing reviews of them separately later. All of these products were £42.50.
makeup revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light concealer palette
Let's start with the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light. I don't have any concealer palettes and I really like the idea of getting many shades of concealer in the same product so this was perfect for me. The price is also great at only £6!
makeup revolution Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Collection eyeshadows
This Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Collection is an amazing value at only £12! I can see myself using all of these shades - especially the nudes, golds and browns - if not in everyday basis then for parties or Halloween etc.
makeup revolution vamp lipstick collection Black Heart, Rebel With Cause and 100% Vamp
Next up is the Vamp Lipstick Collection which I got for £2. The colours are all very dark and I'm not sure if I can pull of other than Rebel With Cause which is a great dupe for MAC's Rebel apparently.
From left to right Black Heart, Rebel With Cause and 100% Vamp.
More lipsticks! From the Atomic Collection (£1 each) I decided to get the gorgeous Magnificent and Ruby which is a bright red as you can see.
I also wanted to get a nude lipstick but I couldn't find anything that I liked from the Amazing range so I'm very glad they decided to make the #Liphug shades. I got mine in When You Came To Me (£2.50) and it looks like the perfect nude for me!
makeup revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray cheap makeup setting spray
I've never had a setting spray before so I just had to have this Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray (£5). It claims that it will help my makeup stay perfect for up to 8 hours so I'm very excited to see how it works for me!

I asked on the #bbloggers chat if I should get the Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner or the Awesome Dual Eyeliner Kohl & Flick (£3.50 each) and almost everyone told me to get both so of course I did! I've also had my eyes on the Soap & Glory Brow Tint and Precision for so long but I haven't been able to get it so when I saw the Brow Dual Ultra Brow Arch & Shape in Dark at just £3.50 I popped it right into my cart! Last but not least I got the Amazing Inner Eye Brightener (£2.50) for just to brighten my eyes, haha.

Have you got any Makeup Revolution products?
- Anu 

November Favourites

Happy 1st of December everyone!
I really didn't discover many new beauty favourites for November but regardless I have many things to show you that I've been loving for the past month! There's some beauty, some fashion but most of them are completely random as you can see from the picture above. Now let's see what I've loved recently ;).

The Fab 5 | Blueish A/W Nail Polishes

I'm really loving nail polishes at the moment so I thought I'd do another Fab 5 post on them. You can check out my Reddish A/W Nail Polishes post here.
From left to right

Depend: 104 - Sheer black with multicoloured glitter. Even though it's sheer, it's build able and you can make it look extremely dark with three layers I think.

Maybelline Color Show: 198 Shooting Stars - Dark blue with dark blue, light blue and silver polka dot-like ornaments or whatever they are called.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish: 198 Azure - Shimmery blue. This reminds me of "mermaid sea blue" if you know what I mean, haha.

Rimmel London Rita Ora: 613 Midnight Rendezvous - The perfect dark purple.

Nail Polish by H&M: Lollipop Lullaby - This is the lightest colour out of all of my favourite A/W nail polishes. It's just a very light purple.
Which one do you prefer?
- Anu 

Battle Of the Makeup Wipes

Finally a new post! Sorry about the wait. If you haven't read my update post on why there won't be as many posts coming up yet please read it here :).
Makeup wipes are my favourite thing to use when removing makeup. I always use them before properly cleansing my face in the evening. Also you can easily carry them with you and they're the perfect size.
Recently I've been trying out a couple different ones so here's a couple mini reviews on the ones I've tried.

Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes normal skin
These are actually the first makeup wipes that I tried. They removed most of the face makeup I was wearing but they weren't that good with mascara and other eye makeup. Also the scent is too chemical for my liking. I think these wipes are good for precleansing your face on a makeup-free day before using a proper cleanser. I'd give them a 2.5 out of 5.

Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes dry&sensitive skin
(sorry that there's no picture of this product, I finished the package and threw it away before deciding to write this post)
Because I wasn't satisfied with the first Nivea wipes, I thought I'd give some of the other ones from the same brand a chance. The scent is a lot more natural in these wipes but they definitely removed even less makeup than the wipes for normal skin! Nevertheless, I really loved using these on makeup-free days just to freshen up my face so I'd still give these wipes a 3 out of 5.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
I almost gave up using makeup wipes after noticing that the Nivea ones didn't do their job but then I saw these Simple ones at my local department store and I'm very glad I decided to give them a try! They remove all the makeup from my face and even light eye makeup. There's almost no scent to them and they feel a lot softer on the face than the Nivea ones. Also the packaging stays closed better so the wipes don't dry out. I'd definitely recommend these wipes and I'd give them a 5 out of 5.

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Pads
Even though the Simple Facial Wipes remove all of my everyday makeup, I have to use these Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads if I'm wearing a heavy eye makeup to make sure there's none of it left. These are the most effective makeup remover pads/wipes I've tried but because they're about five times smaller in size, I only use them for heavy eye makeup. The only bad thing about these pads is that they're thicker than the wipes and because of that can feel harsh on the eyes if you rub them a lot with the pad and press it too hard. I'd give these pads 4.5 out of 5.

Have you tried any of these makeup wipes?
- Anu 

Unboxing | Livbox November Edition

I'm super late with this post as you don't even have to take a glance at your calendar in order to tell that we're way more close to the start of December than November.
Anyway, somewhere around the first week of November I received my first box of Livbox which is basically like any other beauty box but in Finland. One box costs 15,90€.
That is basically what the box looks like when you receive it and open it. I love that it always has a different colour theme every month and the ribbon is so cute! The introduction's headline says "Shine, like a Hollywood star!". This time the theme was Stars of Hollywood/party season and I think that gold goes perfectly with it.
Now onto the actual products!
First impressions:
  1. Ibero false lashes (7,90€) - These lashes look amazing for everyday use because they're super long but very thin. If you put some volumizing mascara on top they'd be great for a night out too!
  2. Bernard Cassiere Bilberry Overnight Cream-Mask 15ml sample (48€/50ml) - This can be used as a cream or a mask (as you probably noticed from the name) and it smells very fresh. I haven't yet tried this cream/mask but I'm very excited to do so when I'm having my next pamper evening.
  3. Bangerhead BangerTweezer (8,80€) - These tweezers are the best ones I've ever had! When I saw them in the box I immediately (after taking the photos of course) opened the package and tried them. They're very sharp and you can get a great grip of the hair you want to remove.
  4. Marvis Cinnamon Mint toothpaste 10ml sample (4,55€/25ml) - This toothpaste definitely smells like cinnamon and the description says "Marvis is a brave and modern version of the original toothpaste." "It doesn't contain any fluorine.". I'm not sure why the fact that it doesn't contain any fluorine is a good thing... I'm feeling a bit skeptical with this product but I'm still going to try it soon.
  5. Lumene Natural Code Candy Smile Gloss Stick in 1 Cotton Candy (9,90€) - The Candy Smile gloss stick is basically Lumene's version of the Rimmel Colour Rush or the Revlon Colorburst (or any other product like that). I never know what to call these types of lip colours but I think that they are definitely more like lipsticks than lip glosses at least pigmentwise so I tend to call them lipstick pens or then just go with whatever the brand has chosen to name them. This Lumene one is a bubblegum/cotton candy pink and the "pen" is a bit smaller than Rimmel's or Revlon's. It has no scent to it whatsoever.
I do feel like this time the products didn't match with the theme as well as in the previous boxes. Even though I'm really excited of the products I expected something a bit more dramatic because of the theme.

What's your opinion on beauty boxes (or any other boxes that are out there)? Are you subscribed to any?
- Anu